The Internet Thinks Joey King & Jacob Elordi Are No Longer Kissing, In A Booth Or Otherwise

Photo: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic.
Are the stars of one very popular, smooching-centric Netflix flick no longer kissing?
It took approximately no time for fans of Netflix teen rom-com The Kissing Booth to gush over the sparks between the film's two leads. While Jacob Eldori and Joey King made quite the match as movie couple Noah and Elle, their social media accounts revealed a real-life love story just as sweet. Alas, now some fans think that love story is over — and it's all due to some fairly weak social media evidence.
Elordi announced a social media break earlier in November, stating in his Instagram story: "I’m going to be signing off on this whole social media shabang while I work."
Totally normal, especially considering that Elordi will likely be plenty busy with HBO's new teen-focused series Euphoria.
It was a tweet from King that set off some alarm bells for fans. "Thank god I have my dog tho," the Slender Man actress wrote on Twitter days after Elordi peaced out of the social media game.
"We love you Joey," one fan wrote in response to King's dog appreciation post. "You don't need an ass in your life! Just your family, friends and your dog."
"btw you deserve so much better Joey," another replied. "you are so pretty and strong."
If the internet thought I was going through a breakup every time I waxed poetic about my dog on the internet, I would have been dumped a lot.
Thanks to this series of events, as well as the fact that King has not posted a photo with Elordi since September, fans have flooded King's Instagram with questions and comments about the possible breakup.
"are you and jacob still together [?]," asked one fan, echoing the statements of dozens of others.
"They’re together right people are saying they broke up please tell me it isn’t true," another pleaded.
Some had their own theories about the breakup:
"Idk if they're still dating cuz Jacob disabled the comments of the pics they have together on his insta (only the pics of them together) so probably not," another added.
Is it possible that this onscreen couple split? Sure. But it's just as possible that Elordi wanted to take a break from the limelight while working, and that his girlfriend respected his decision to step off social media for a bit — which includes her Instagram.
Regardless of what's going on in the personal lives of these Netflix stars, we always have Noah and Elle's cinematic love story for comfort.

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