The Most Underrated Holiday Products At Trader Joe’s, According To Employees

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
The holidays are huge at Trader Joe's. In fact, some loyal customers wait all year for the seasonal holiday products to show up at the store. One employee working at a TJ's location in Indiana even told Refinery29 over the phone, "People come in weeks ahead of time asking for holiday products even before we've received the orders." So clearly, Trader Joe's regulars have some favorites they look forward to snatching up as soon as they return to stores in early November. However, nestled on TJ's shelves among those much-beloved holiday products like Candy Cane Joe-Joe's, Scandinavian Tidings, and Extraordinary Bark, there are quite a few hidden gems.
We reached out to Trader Joe's employees at locations across the country to find out the grocery chain's most underrated holiday foods and drinks, and we learned there are many that even the most hardcore fans of the holidays at TJ's might be missing out on. Ahead, you'll find employees' favorite unsung holiday heroes. The list includes sweet treats, drinks, and dishes that are perfect for putting out at a holiday party.

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