Every Clue That Nicky Was Alive The Whole Time On This Is Us

Photo: Courtesy of Ron Batzdorff/NBC.
For two seasons, This Is Us untangled the mystery of how Milo Ventimiglia’s Jack Pearson died. It’s only fitting that, for season 3, another Pearson’s fate would be a question mark. That person is the nameless "Her." While we're still unpacking the identity of "Her" (is it Rebecca?!?) the series has revealed one major truth about a Pearson.
When the third season of the NBC series started, fans wondered how Jack’s brother Nicky (Michael Angarano) specifically met his demise during his time fighting in Vietnam. After all, whatever happened to Nicky clearly changed Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) in some fundamental way. The shocking twist, though, was that Nicky never died at all. As Tuesday’s episode “The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning" revealed, Nicky is very much alive, and living in Pennsylvania.
How did we get here? Though the Nicky twist was meant to surprise fans, who are used to This Is Us killing off everyone, the show dropped a few big clues that he was alive this entire time.
What were they? Click through to go back into the This Is Us archives and see where the show planted clues.

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