Was Ariana Grande's New Haircut Influenced By Maggie Rogers?

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/AMA2016/FilmMagic.
Ariana Grande's ponytail is gone. In its place, Grande now has a tidy lob — she joined the Hollywood bob club, a growing group of people that now includes Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Jenna Dewan. The question is, why now? Why this haircut?
One fan on Twitter proposed a theory: Grande cut her hair after listening to Maggie Rogers' song "Alaska," which contains the line: "Cut my hair so I could rock back and forth without thinking of you." Rogers herself retweeted the sentiment, adding an eyes emoji for emphasis.
Considering the weight of Grande's now-famous ponytail, it makes sense that "rocking back and forth" might evoke a specific memory. Grande recently even acknowledged on Twitter recently that her ponytail causes her some pain. "I'm in constant pain always and don’t care at all," she wrote ever-so-cheerfully in response to a fan. That, coupled with Grande's recent very public breakup from Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, seems like grounds for a hair cut.
Plus, Maggie Rogers recently appeared on SNL, where she performed her song "Fallingwater" to critical acclaim. In a promotional video for the episode, Davidson (Grande's ex, if you're following) jokingly proposed to Rogers, who declined the offer.
It's a nice story: Grande, peeved at her ex's joke on SNL, goes to watch the episode, where she hears Rogers. Then, she delves deeper into Rogers' discography, discovering the viral hit "Alaska." With a determined look in her eye, Grande then makes an appoint to chop it all off.
Finally, because this is how the story should end: Rogers and Grande collaborate on a song. (Observe her official cut, below.)

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