Olivia Colman's Fake Gout Was So Good, It Won An Oscar

Photo: Courtesy of Fox Searchlight.
There's no doubt that we are obsessed with British royalty, both in the flesh and in film. It's hard to even count exactly how many times we've watched the stories of Queen Elizabeth II, King Henry, or Queen Victoria play out on screen. But out of all the biopics and miniseries, there's one queen that is often left out: Queen Anne.
Luckily, her reign is being brought to the big screen in The Favourite with all the royal drama we expect. Starring Olivia Colman as Queen Anne, Rachel Weisz as Sarah Jennings Churchill, and Emma Stone as Sarah's cousin Abigail, the story unfolds a bit differently than other period pieces. "She's sort of the forgotten monarchy," explains the hair and makeup designer for the film Nadia Stacey. "Even after all my research, there were some gaps that just missed her."
Both director Yorgos Lanthimos and Stacey took that as a sign: This would be a period piece that took a few creative liberties to satisfy our craving for 18th century history without putting us to sleep. Aside from the costume and set design, one of the most important details to doing exactly that was getting the hair and makeup just right. We asked Stacey to walk us through the whole process, including that hilarious trailer scene about "badger" makeup. Ahead, her behind-the-scenes secrets.

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