Camila Mendes Explains Charles Melton's "Fiery" Nickname For Her

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.
Camila Mendes, star of Riverdale and the new movie The New Romantics, recently revealed on the E! red carpet that she sometimes goes by "baby dragon." Why? Well! This is a nickname bequeathed to her from boyfriend Charles Melton, who also stars in Riverdale. (He's replacement Reggie.) During an appearance on Busy Tonight Monday evening, Mendes expanded a little on this relelation.
"I can be quite — I guess 'ferocious' is the word," Mendes told host Busy Philipps. "But it's like, a cute type of ferocious."
Thus, she's a bb dragon!
Mendes revealed in October — just in time for season 3 of Riverdale — that she and Melton had started dating. This makes them the second real-life couple on the show, the other being Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse. Sprouse and Reinhart are famously quiet about their relationship, and have been known to roll their eyes at paparazzi who ask questions about it. Melton and Mendes, meanwhile, are a bit more forthcoming about their relationship, so much so that Mendes is willing to talk about him on a late night talk show.
"You get asked these questions a lot about your relationship," Philipps pointed out. "Does it bum you out? Do you wish...'just ask me questions about how young and adorable I am on my own'?"
Mendes' answer: She likes to talk! "My instinct is just to talk about it," she said, "but then the famous side of me is like, don't do that."
She added, "I don't like living in shame. I'm not naturally a private person."
And for that, Mendes, the Riverdale fans are grateful.
Watch the full clip of Mendes on Busy Tonight, below.

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