Meg Ryan's Engagement Ring Is A True Stunner

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.
In what may be the most lo-fi engagement announcement ever, famed actress Meg Ryan shared the news of her engagement to John Mellencamp via an Instagram post featuring a hand-drawn illustration on what appears to be a napkin. In the drawing, the happy couple are rendered unrecognizable, save for singer-songwriter Mellencamp’s guitar and Ryan’s signature beach wavy hair. It’s adorable, it gets the job done, and we are so stoked for them. But Ryan’s engagement ring is decidedly way more high-fidelity than her announcement, and yes, there are photos of her stunna jewels.
People has the deets on Ryan’s new betrothal bling. Even in a grainy paparazzi shot, her ring still dazzles like the light in Kathleen Kelly’s eyes when she heard the ding from that first email from Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) in You’ve Got Mail. We’re not sure of the diamond’s carats, but the wattage alone could light up a disco club. Ryan has that beautiful glow that comes from falling in love — and flashing the diamonds that come with it.
Can we also discuss her look? She’s not just rocking a serious rock on her finger, she’s also wearing superpower sunglasses and a Patti Smith-inspired gray coat. It’s a very New York City look that Sally Albright would totally dress up in for We’re Really Just Friends And This Is Not A Date night out with Harry Burns (Billy Crystal). Ryan, just don’t lose the ring at Katz’ Delicatessen while you’re busy, uh, eating your pastrami sandwich.

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