What It Really Looks Like To Wear Lingerie As An Outfit

Photo: Courtesy of Savanna Ruedy.
It's hard to believe there was a ever a time when underwear was supposed to be worn but not seen anywhere outside of the bedroom. While we like to think of wearing lingerie and pajamas as the ultimate lazy girl hack, creative director, model and influencer Michaéla Verrelien proves you can absolutely execute and elevate this look. "Style it as you would any other outfit," she tells Refinery29. "A slip is now a dress, and PJs are now a two piece suit."
But Verrelien has a very important pro tip: if you're wearing something sheer, keep your assets covered. "Make sure if you bend down, nothing personal is showing that you would not like to show," she cautions. "You are indeed wearing lingerie, but no one actually needs to know that it is lingerie. It is not what you wear, it's how you wear it that matters."
Verrelien specifically likes wearing Savage x Fenty, because the material is especially soft, and cut in a way she thinks is ideal for a feminine body. "As a curvy girl, I hate wearing certain types of underwear," she says, adding that some intimate brands irritate her skin. That, and she really appreciates the range of sizes offered in Rihanna's line. "When I wear Savage x Fenty, I feel sexy and I know that the day is going to be amazing." Just as Rihanna intended.
And if you're having a hard time tapping into your sexy, we have a tip directly from Bad Gal RiRi: “What you need to do is find it. If you’re not feeling sexy, there’s just a little rubble on top of it. You need to clear that shit out. Get to your sexy and own it. That shit is yours, regardless.”
Ahead, Verrelien models Savage x Fenty for day and night.
Photographed by Savanna Ruedy, creative direction by Micaéla Verrelien, set design by Chelsea Finkel, makeup artist Latisha Rankin, model and stylist Micaéla Verrelien.

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