Cody Fern Shares His Unlikely AHS Antichrist Inspiration: The Queen Of England

Photo: Courtesy of FX.
Someone had to usher in the American Horror Story apocalypse, and this year, House of Cards star Cody Fern got to do the honor. However, while Michael Langdon may be the most diabolical villain to ever grace the FX anthology series, the real-life person whom Fern modeled the character after isn't. In fact, she's a high-ranking member of the Royal Family: the Queen of England.
Or, specifically, how Queen Elizabeth II was portrayed in Netflix's historical series The Crown.
"Imagine being born into something that supposedly serves a greater purpose," Fern told Entertainment Tonight of how he compares Michael to Claire Foy's Emmy-winning role. "That's how I approach Michael's anger, first and foremost, that he was born into something that he doesn't understand, that he doesn't choose. That he needs to go about molding himself into, that other people are continually pressing onto him, that there are all of these expectations and these weights and he has these impulses that he doesn't understand, that he is just enacting."
One of these "impulses" is bringing about the end of the world, though it's worth mentioning that Fern didn't get the idea to usher in the end of days on his own: He had a whole Satanist church insisting it was his fate to do so. That's a lot of pressure on a young man, especially a young man who magically grew from age eight to age 18 overnight.
Next week's American Horror Story finale may put a stop to Michael's evil-adjacent plans (thanks to some time-traveling witches) but Fern might still return to the AHS franchise, as either Michael or someone other character; AHS has a habit of recycling actors. According to his interview with Entertainment Tonight, he's also just a call away.
"Look, if Ryan [Murphy, American Horror Story creator] asked me back, I would be thrilled," Fern told the outlet. "I want to work with him again and again and again and again. So, if I had that opportunity, I 100% will jump, but I'm focusing on the present."
The present meaning...his work on House of Cards?
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