You Can Now Buy The Self Tanner VS Angels Are Wearing On The Runway

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Let's just come right out and say it: It takes a village to turn a model into a Victoria's Secret model. The look is closely controlled by the brand and takes hardcore training, $1 million of Swarovski crystals, and the kind of body treatments that many didn't even know existed — and we haven't even talked about the hair and makeup yet. But now that we know exactly how to master the undone curls seen on Candice Swanepoel and the Gisele-inspired makeup the show's known for, we're moving onto another step of the angel transformation process: the spray tans.
It's all thanks to Kristyn Pradas, the tanning artist whose usual clients include Ariana Grande and Ashley Graham. But this isn't Pradas' first rodeo — she's been responsible for the spray tans we see walk down the VS runway for the last five years, which is exactly why we tapped her for her biggest secrets.
Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.
Step 1: The Tan
Turns out, most of the prep work doesn't happen until the days leading up to the big night. Considering the fact that this year's show films today, November 8, Pradas had most of her models visit her two days ago. "They tend to look a little too dark if we tan the models right before the show," Pradas explains. "We want to give one day in-between for the solution to settle and lighten a little bit."
According to Pradas, the brand always gives her a direction and a look to guide the tans. This year it's all about a "sun-kissed radiance," like the kind most of us would have after a sunny vacation. "I always give my clients a full-body contour with the tanner and do at least two layers of the solution to achieve the right level of darkness," she explains. "I also take into account the models' natural skin tones and their routine. If they want to work out or shower immediately after they see me, I'll swap my Pro Sol Solution for the express version. That way they can rinse off the solution in an hour and the tan will develop over the next 24 hours."
Step 2: The Glow
Sprays tans aren't Pradas' only responsibility ahead of the show. She has every model — including the women with darker skin tones, like Duckie Thot and Zuri Tibby, who didn't get a spray tan — come back on Wednesday for a hydration treatment. Pradas essentially blasts a hyaluronic acid serum into the skin of all 60 models to plump and moisturizer their skin. Not only does this make the spray tans look even better, but in general, everyone's skin a bit more flawless. Hydrated skin is healthy skin, after all.
To sweeten the deal, Pradas decided that this would finally be the year that all of us watching the show at home could copy the look by officially launching her own collection of tanning products. Consider it an added bonus that not one is over $25. In addition to creating a self-tanner (the exact same solution she uses on the models for the show, but in mousse form), you'll also find a wash-off body bronzing mousse (Pradas used this on Bella Hadid earlier this week for a VS fitting) and a shower oil that preserves your tan and prevents streaking. Who knew turning into Bella Hadid could be so affordable?
The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show airs on December 2, 1o p.m. EST/7 p.m. PST.

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