The First Text Nick Jonas Ever Sent Priyanka Chopra Is Made For Fake Relationship Truthers

Photo: Gary Gershoff/WireImage/Getty Images.
The whirlwind romance between Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra is so perfect it’s almost like it was created in a lab, or, you know, manufactured over a few martinis by the pair’s respective publicists. In reality, the two stars are very much in love — you don’t wear that much matching camo with someone if it’s not The Real Deal — but if you are a fake relationship truther, well, Jonas’ first text message to his wife-to-be will definitely fuel your theory.
In an interview with Entertainment Tonight at a Bumble event Monday night, Chopra revealed how her relationship with the former Jonas Brother (who is still a Jonas brother, lowercase B) first blossomed. It all began with a very business-like text message.
“He texted me. The first time was a text just saying, 'I think we should connect' and whatever. That's how we started talking."
If you’re wondering why the man who croons “You’ve got me in chains for your love” decided to gauge romantic chemistry with “I think we should connect,” I am right there with you. Perhaps he was nervous to kick things off with a woman as gorgeous, charitable, and talented as Ms. Chopra, and his usual flowery language was morphed into something LinkedIn would automatically send the contacts in your phone.
At least he didn’t follow up the greeting with a shirtless mirror selfie. Unless he did, and that sealed Chopra’s desire to meet up?
As for when the duo first got together, that’s a little confusing. They did appear in photos at the Met Gala together in May of 2017 but claimed they were just pals who both happened to be decked out in Ralph Lauren. It wasn’t until May of 2018 that the two were seen hanging out on a boat together with Glee star Chord Overstreet. Less than four months later, they were reportedly engaged.
Relationship truthers can talk all they want, but the real lesson here is that Chopra and Jonas were able to overcome one awkward text message and build a hopefully lifelong relationship. So, you know: Maybe don't totally write off the dating app match who tells you "You seem fun!"

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