Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra's Engaged Life Includes A Lot Of Camo

Photo: Rob Kim/Getty Images.
Newly engaged couple Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are no strangers to travel. In the months since Jonas popped the question, the pair flew to India to announce their engagement officially, voyaged to New York to watch the U.S. Open and attend NYFW, and traveled to Anaheim and Dallas to celebrate Jonas' 26th birthday. While many of their adventures boast high-fashion looks, the duo opted for something a lot more casual during a recent trip to Oklahoma: layers of camouflage. Yeehaw?
Chopra's posted three photos over the past day alluding to "Ranch life" and "Cowboy life." In one of the pics, she and Jonas pose with a group of their friends in a field surrounded by trees. While everyone else is standing, Jonas kneels on the ground while Chopra perches herself atop his knee. Both are outfitted in camouflage, and one man appears to be wearing a mesh face mask. Jonas also shared the image with the caption, "Out on the ranch." Another pic shows the couple and their crew hanging out by a massive tractor.
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Ranch life #crew

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Ranch life.

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What exactly are they doing out there wearing so much camo? What could they possibly be hiding from while seemingly stationed in the middle of nowhere? None of the photos depict rods or guns, so it's not clear that hunting or fishing were on the agenda. The closest answer we have so far comes from Chopra's Instagram Stories, which feature the crew riding around the ranch in a topless Jeep and enjoying the gorgeous golden-hour views.
It's always possible that Chopra and Jonas could be prepping for a permanent move to the South. Jonas is originally from Texas, and it wouldn't be beyond the realm of reason for him to want to move someplace a little more slow-paced to grow roots with his new family. For now, all that matters is that they're having fun and, erm, concealing themselves amid the flora.

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