We're Alarmed By Chrissy Teigen's Take On Justin Bieber Burritogate

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Recently, Twitter was sent into a tailspin when one user shared a photo of someone who looked a lot like Justin Bieber eating a burrito in an off-putting, borderline offensive manner. Not only did the burrito-eating technique seem utterly inefficient, it also looked kind of lewd, so needless to say, the internet wasn't having it. After much online debate, however, many have determined that the person sitting alone on a park bench going in on the burrito's midsection was not actually the unpredictable pop star. Phew. The Twitter-sphere breathed a sigh of relief that this was just some random non-famous, whose freaky burrito-eating habits need not concern us. But then, Chrissy Teigen got us fired up again when she took the social media platform to share her opinion on the matter.
Teigen retweeted the photo of the J-Biebs look-a-like repulsively decimating his burrito from its core, but instead of expressing shock, disgust, confusion, or outrage — all the feelings any self-respecting burrito-lover would associate with the image — she showed support. The cookbook author wrote, "the only way they should be eaten tbh, ends are just carb factories." We'll give you a minute to let that sink in.
Okay, let's dig into this — in a more civilized manner than the Bieber doppelgänger dug into that burrito. Since we tend to agree with Teigen on most of her food opinions, we were pretty shocked when she exposed herself as being pro middle-first burrito-eating. Also, as someone's whose first cookbook was basically a love letter to cheese and ham and gravy, you wouldn't think she'd have a problem with "carb factories." While we understand that the beans, cheese, rice, veggies, and rest of the contents are really the stars of the burrito show, the warm tortilla still plays a pivotal role and more often than not, gives a damn good performance. If you're not interested in those soft pockets of carb at either end of the dish, why aren't you just ordering a burrito bowl or salad?
Yes, we expected Teigen to be on the same pro-tortilla side as us in this matter, but perhaps we should have seen her opinion coming. In 2017, the model was featured in a video where she tasted several menu items from one of her favorite fast food chains, Taco Bell. In the video, we were puzzled when she said that she often eats the chain's Doritos Locos Tacos with a knife and fork. Now, that's an eyebrow-raiser. In that same video, Teigen also admitted, "Sometimes I order a burrito when I'm sad just to eat the hot sauce. Sometimes the burrito or taco is just the vessel to get the hot sauce inside my body."
Even those who don't identify with this view of burritos may find comfort in her perspective. Clearly, Teigen has never been into burritos for burritos' sake. She said it herself, to her, the dish is just a vehicle, so we really shouldn't take her opinion on how to eat it to heart. Just add it to Chrissy Teigen's long list of controversial food opinions and move on to eating your burrito face-first as mother nature intended.

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