Chrissy Teigen Eats Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos With A Knife & Fork

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Chrissy Teigen has plenty of useful and accessible recipes in her best-selling cookbook, Cravings. However, in her everyday life, she employs a few eating habits some people might be afraid to try. For one, she loves pineapple on pizza, which by now we know a lot of people have a real issue with. Teigen also recently told us that she loves toasted everything bagels smeared with butter and topped with peppercinis, which is also a bit unorthodox (albeit absolutely delicious). But even those two unusual snacking combos aren't as strange as the method Chrissy uses when eating some of her favorite fast food from Taco Bell.
Harper's Bazaar and Smirnoff recently joined forces to challenge Chrissy Teigen to a Taco Bell taste test. Since the model has always been quite open about her love for the fast food chain, they wanted to see if she could identify the Taco Bell menu items among other versions of a few dishes. Teigen introduced the video by saying, "I'm going to figure out which one on these plates is Taco Bell, and I think I already know so get ready."
First, she took on the nachos, and she did of course know right away. Immediately after tackling the Nachos BellGrande challenge, Chrissy shared her unconventional approach to eating one of her favorite Taco Bell menu items. She said, "I REALLY love a Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco. They don't deliver well. They always come crushed up into a million pieces, but that's when you just put it in a bowl and you eat it fork and knife." We would say that's a pretty good pro tip for hardcore Taco Bell lovers, except many of us probably don't get our TBell delivered. We'll know we've truly made it when we have our Doritos Locos Tacos hand-delivered and maybe even fed to us with a fork.
Watch the full video below to see if Chrissy can pick out a Taco Bell burrito and chicken soft taco. Spoiler alert, she's really good at it.
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