Halsey Channels The Ethos Of A Star Is Born In Cryptic Tweet

Photo: Matthew Sperzel/Getty Images.
Halsey is really good at sharing raw, honest, and uber-emotional messages on Twitter.
On Wednesday, the Star Is Born actress (she played herself, handing Lady Gaga's Ally her very first Grammy) took to the social media platform to school her followers on pain, happiness, and the power of choice.
Ironically, her tweets basically sum up the character arc of Bradley Cooper's Star Is Born rockstar Jackson Maine in one tweet.
"Reminder to self," Halsey wrote on Twitter. "Happiness is not a replacement for misery. it’s an addition. pain will always be there. but that’s okay. u allow happiness to join as another option. so when the time comes, it’s there waiting, existing; a possibility for when you’re ready to choose."
She added:
"@ me: life is not pain vs happiness. one does not replace the other. they exist together. happiness doesn’t arrive as a replacement. it arrives to assist u in carrying the weight of the pain."
She also concluded with a clever reminder:
"@ me: now remember that u dummy."
These tweets come after Wednesday reports that Halsey and G-Eazy, whom have been dating on-and-off since 2017, had officially split up, yet again. The "Him & I" collaborators broke things off in July of 2018, before seemingly getting back together later and showering us with PDA at the MTV Music Video Awards in August.
Of course, this isn't a message for anyone but Halsey — she says it herself in the very tweets. So if she and her ex-boo really are off for good, it looks like she's ready to move on and take the road to happy.
That's good news, as there's a lot for her to look forward to. The "New Americana" star reportedly has a film based on her own life in the works at Sony, in the vein of Eminem's 8 Mile.
Maybe she should pen a book of advice, too. She may be dishing out these words of wisdom for herself alone, but I'm sure her fans would love more.

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