Halsey Totally Relates To Lady Gaga's Character In A Star Is Born

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In early Oscar contender A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga's character Ally is a singer-songwriter who rises to fame by putting on a pop star persona that is complete with dramatic makeup looks, backup dancers, and dyed hair. Offstage, however, Ally is a thoughtful Brooklyn-born writer who prefers to keep her look simple. Still, both personas live within the performer — which is something real-life superstar Halsey really relates to.
Halsey — who plays herself during a pivotal moment in Ally's life during A Star Is Born — shared on the American Music Awards red carpet that she knows exactly what it's like to juggle two wildly different people within herself.
Born Ashley Frangipane, Halsey teased that Tuesday night's AMAs' performance would be more like one persona over the other.
"It's kind of an 'Ashley' performance, you'll see why," Halsey revealed to interviewers Jessie James Decker and Zach Sang.
However, while tonight might be more "Ashley," Halsey has zero qualms with being Halsey whenever she wants.
"I was talking to people a lot about this ever since I've seen A Star Is Born," she said. "I think that sometimes people make you feel bad for being 'dramatic.' But part of being an artist is wanting to be dramatic. Maybe Halsey is like the done-up star with the dancers and the costumes and whatever else, and Ashley is a little more reserved, the writer, a little more quiet... The girl from New Jersey."
This dichotomy might be explored in a movie based on Halsey's own life. Back in April, it was reported that Sony Pictures has acquired the life rights of the Hopeless Fountain Kingdom mogul. Should the film move forward, Halsey is set to star in the project.
The big question, of course: Will Halsey be credited as Halsey, or as Ashley? At the end of the day, they are one and the same.
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