Justin Bieber Is Out To Prove That Sexy Halloween Costumes Need To Be Banned

Photo: Gotham/GC Images.
“Sexy” Halloween costumes must be stopped.
Justin Bieber was photographed by paparazzi looking through bagged Halloween costumes in Los Angeles this week, and he lingered on one in particular: a sexy ringleader.
Now, as much as i’m enjoying imagining Bieber dolled up in a male version of Britney Spears’s 2008 Circus get-up (or perhaps more likely nod to The Greatest Showman), what is with the “sexy” Halloween costume trend? Am I meant to believe Hailey Baldwin would dress up as a sexy clown and the duo would go trick-or-treating in Hollywood as a sexy circus? (And with all drama that surrounds Bieber and his Hollywood-fit entourage, isn’t a sexy circus just another Tuesday?)
Sexy costumes aren’t just infiltrating the dress-up world, they’re changing the sex world, too. PornHub’s store of the internet’s most intimate data reveals that on the days leading up to Halloween, searches for “trick or treat,” “Halloween orgy,” “Dracula,” and “zombie” skyrocket.
The “sexy” costume craze is hotly debated every year. This year’s most ire-drawing have included a Handmaid’s Tale inspired “sexy” Handmaid costume. Because, you know, there’s nothing sexy about oppression. Other people argue that Halloween can empower women in the age of slut-shaming by giving them a chance to show some skin without judgement.
For Bieber and everyone else still deciding on a last-minute costume, reach down deep in their soul and decide what sexy means to you. Wear a costume you feel your best in, not one designed for the male gaze. If that means showing skin, cut that neckline low. If that means bundling up for frigid October temps, go for the literally hot look. If creative is sexy, we’ve got your costume ideas covered.

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