Are People Watching Porn About Your Halloween Costume?

Photo: AF archive / Alamy Stock Photo.
Unless this is your very first Halloween, you know that ill-advised, so-called "sexy" Halloween costumes are ubiquitous and nearly inescapable. [Ed. note: If this is, in fact, your very first Halloween, what are you worried about? You're a baby going as a pumpkin.] The fact of the matter is that even the most basic costumes have a scantily-clad version, many of which make more sense than others. And if something is sexy (or, let's face it, even if it's not), there's probably a porno out there about it. So, between the slinky cats and the seductive vampires, which spooky, sexy getup reigns supreme? In partnership with Mic, PornHub has valiantly culled its search data for the days leading up to Halloween in an attempt to answer that very question. Some of the top searches for this time of year include "vampire," "zombie," "witch," and "Dracula," all of which have some pretty solid (although still laughable) "sexy" costume options. The costume term that spikes the most around the 31st? It's surprisingly simple: "devil." Meanwhile, other, more predictable "hot" female roles went relatively overlooked — "naughty nurse" failed to rank even in the top 20 most-searched terms. Other popular porn searches around this time include "trick or treat," "scary," and the always-intriguing "Halloween orgy." We wish the users of PornHub a safe and adventurous Halloween — and, should you choose to go the "sexy" route with your costume this year, please bring a jacket. You never know what kind of weather an asteroid will bring.

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