A Body Language Expert Says Kanye West Sees Donald Trump As A "Father Figure"

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Kanye West's fascination with Donald Trump has been baffling fans and the rest of the public since 2016. An unexpected meeting at Trump Tower the year of the election kicked off a long and winding road of tweets and controversial outbursts from the rapper, culminating in an another meeting — this one at the actual White House — this Thursday. West sat down with Trump to discuss Chicago crime, taxes, the 13th Amendment, North Korea, gun rights, prison reform, and masculinity in an almost ten-minute monologue. During their meeting, the two men embraced and talked emphatically, so we enlisted the help of Susan Constantine, a body language and communication expert, to break it all down.
Kanye has drawn extensive criticism for his Trump support, not just from fans but from fellow celebrities like Lana Del Rey. Others have blamed his behavior on mental illness, something wife Kim Kardashian has condemned and Kanye himself addressed in the White House meeting. However, in terms of West's beliefs and what he wanted to express, Constantine said that his words and manner of speaking was confident and genuine.
"What I'm looking at is, he's got an action stance, meaning he's taking his back off the chair, he's leaning forward," she explained over the phone. "What I'm also looking at is the movement, those hand gestures with his words. The punctation on emphasis, on different issues that he's talking about, it's deep inside of his core."
West's facial expressions were also of note, and the fact that they moved with his hand gestures.
"The word I want to use is 'authority,'" she said. "He really believes what he's saying."
As for his relationship with Trump, Constantine says the rapper didn't appear nervous at all.
"He took command," she explained, citing his confident interactions with reporters. "When we look at nervousness we see hands that kind of flay around, but they don't have purpose, and they don't land on any particular point or word. We see a facial expression that is neutral, more commanding, gestures on point. Lots of hand-down gestures which are really more dominant. But they weren't dominant in the sense of...they were commanding but they weren't offensive. They were more on making points."
In general, Constantine says Kanye "looks at President Trump as a mentor, father figure, business leader."
However, body language can't tell us what exactly is going to come from this White House visit. Does anyone know a good psychic?

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