Jenna Cooper Accuses Jordan Kimball Of Fabricating Incriminating Text Messages

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Can’t get enough of the somehow never-ending Jenna Cooper/Jordan Kimball saga? If so, you’ll be happy to learn that there has been a new development. According to a series of photos Kimball posted to Instagram, Cooper has lawyered up and is accusing Kimball of fabricating the texts that appeared on Reality Steve and appeared to indicate she was using Kimball for publicity.
Here’s a refresher of things if, for whatever reason, you haven’t been breathlessly keeping up with the drama: Kimball proposed to Cooper on the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise, but called off their engagement the day after the proposal was aired when Bachelor blogger Reality Steve leaked text messages that Cooper had allegedly sent to another man in which she said, “Me and Jordan aren't together for real...He means nothing to me and never has." Cooper has denied sending the texts.
On Friday, Kimball posted screenshots of an email allegedly sent to him by Cooper’s lawyer, Justin Apple, calling on him to publicly state that he has “satisfactory evidence” that Cooper did not send the text messages that were published on Reality Steve by noon on October 6. Otherwise, the email continues, text messages between Kimball and Cooper will be leaked to the public, and Cooper’s camp will pursue legal action against Kimball and Stephen Carbone (aka Reality Steve).
Kimball has not publicly stated whether he intends to comply with the deadline. But according to a tweet posted by Reality Steve on Friday night, neither Kimball nor Carbone are too concerned.
“Same lawyer that sent me a letter that we responded to within 24 hrs and never heard back from,” Carbone wrote. “Jordan and I had a good laugh over this.”
In any case, stay tuned — somehow, it seems likely that this is far from the last thing we’ll hear from the erstwhile Bachelor in Paradise couple.

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