Another Celebrity Has Weighed In On The Sex & The City Feud That Will Never Die

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Yet, another celebrity is weighing in on the ongoing Sex & The City feud that has pitted Sarah Jessica Parker against Kim Cattrall. This time, it’s Molly Shannon who is a proud member of Team SJP. Let’s be honest, it probably doesn’t hurt that she’s also Parker’s Divorce co-star. But after hearing Shannon comments, I couldn’t help but wonder, will this SATC feud ever end?
During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live!, Shannon, who appeared on several episodes of Sex & The City, was asked by a caller about the infighting between the HBO show’s cast. Specifically, this person wanted to know, “What was going on in your mind when Kim Cattrall started a feud with your Divorce co-star Sarah Jessica Parker?” After a bit of hmm-ing, Shannon very respectively said she wasn’t happy with Cattrall’s decorum. "I just don’t think that’s the way to handle something,” she said. "I think that if you have something like that, whether it be personal, you should deal with it personally. And Sarah Jessica’s the greatest, so I just didn’t like it.”
Shannon is just one of many celebrities who has spoken out about the feud that will never die. Seriously, based on our timeline, it’s possible that this Parker vs. Cattrall fight has been going on for 14 years; SATC only aired for six. While there have been many, many, many rumors over how this fight started, most recently, the feud has centered on whether Cattrall’s the reason there hasn’t been a third Sex & The City movie because of her “alleged demands.” It’s something Cattrall has refuted.
When asked about the fight, Jason Lewis, who played Samantha’s boyfriend Smith, praised Parker’s professionalism. Chris Noth had the most Mr. Big response when TMZ asked him about the feud — he rolled up his windows. Last month, Kristin Davis, a.k.a. Charlotte, seemed to willingly reignite the fight with a throwback photo of the SATC cast at an Emmys afterparty in 2004 that just so happened to exclude Cattrall. For many, it was a clear sign of Davis pledging her allegiance to SJP. After all, Davis really wanted to do that third Sex & The City movie.
But, it’s really Parker who got people talking about the feud again with an Instagram comment earlier this week to a fan’s request that SATC just replace Cattrall and make the damn third movie already. “Not sure if I can imagine doing another movie without her,” Parker wrote.
For some fans, this was the bit of hope they needed to believe a reconciliation is possible. That finally, this long nightmare could be over. But, maybe there’s another SATC guest star who’d like to weigh in about this? How about you Justin Theroux, any feelings?

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