These Are Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande’s Next Joint Tattoos

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Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande wear their hearts on their tattoo sleeves. In case you didn't know how much the engaged couple likes each other from their gushing Instagram comments, they're also making it clear on their bodies via dedicated and matching tattoos, and it's become a game to guess what each new ink means about their relationship. For instance, Davidson's most recent tattoo revealed the name of their pet pig, Piggy Smallz, and while neither of them has announced plans to for new tattoos in the near future, I've decided to compose a list just in case they've run out of ideas. I am likely the number one Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande scholar in the world, and I myself have six tattoos of my own. Maybe one day the three of us can get one together? I'm getting ahead of myself.
Here are some tattoo ideas Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande should consider:
Scooter Braun
The famed Hollywood manager is the one responsible for properly introducing these lovebirds, according to Davidson, and it's about time he was commemorated somewhere on Grande's bicep. This could be a literal tattoo of his actual face, or a more subtle nod, like a Razor scooter.
Mamma Mia
Grande tweeted recently about her friends dancing to the Mamma Mia soundtrack in her kitchen, and as a Mamma Mia stan, I'd love for her and Davidson to get the lyrics of "Dancing Queen" somewhere that's on full display.
Saturday Night Live
It's frankly unbelievable they haven't commemorated 30 Rock in some way, since it's where they met and where their love first unfolded. It was in those halls years ago that Grande once told her tour manager that she was "literally marrying [Davidson]."
Sleep Is That Bitch
This is just the best Ariana Grande tweet, and the couple deserves to read it every single day on their forearms.
Thigh High Boots
During the first initial slew of paparazzi pictures of the couple, Grande was consistently sporting varied thigh-high boots and sweatshirts, and I think we always need to remember this time in her life.
PS. If you want to be it for Halloween, I, of course, have suggestions for that as well.

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