Kim Kardashian & The 6-Million-Dollar Lawsuit

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It's been exactly two years since Kim Kardashian's terrifying Paris robbery but the legal ramifications of the night are ongoing.
Kardashian's insurance company, AIG, has filed a $6.1 million lawsuit against the Keeping Up With the Kardashian star's former security company, Protect Security, and former Kardashian-Jenner bodyguard Pascal Duvier, per People and TMZ reports.
According to documents obtained by People, Protect Security and Duvier are being sued for $6,116,067, the amount AIG paid out to Kardashian for her stolen jewelry that included the nearly 20-carat Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring husband Kanye West proposed with in 2013.
In October of 2016, Kardashian was tied up, gagged, and robbed at gunpoint at the No Address Hotel during a visit to Paris. Because Duvier was out on detail with sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, Kardashian was alone without security in the room when masked gunmen dressed as police officers stormed her room asking for her ring, jewelry, and money. The nearly two dozen thieves involved in the heist later confessed to planning the burglary for nearly two years. Kardashian and the rest of her family beefed up their security in the immediate aftermath of the event.
The lawsuit claims Duvier and Protect Security “negligently, carelessly, and/or recklessly performed their protection, security, monitoring, inspection, and/or surveying of” Kardashian, West, and the hotel where they were staying. It further claims Duvier and Protect Security “should have known that they were required to protect, secure, monitor, inspect, and/or survey … using the skill and care reasonably expected of those in this industry.”
Over the last two years, 10 people have been charged for involvement in the robbery, the biggest in France for 20 years, according to The Guardian. In April of this year, police detained yet another suspect in a continuing investigation of the heist. The 60-year-old ringleader of the group, Aomar Ait Khedache, revealed most of the stolen jewelry was taken apart and sold in Belgium. All save for the dazzling engagement ring, which they felt was too dangerous to sell. “There is a person who has it," Khedache reportedly told investigators. "Everyone was afraid to sell, because it’s a stone that’s very easily spotted."
Kardashian made her first trip back to Paris this past summer, for a quick visit with West. She recounted the harrowing event on an episode of KUWTK, "'I have babies,'" the mother of three recalled telling the French concierge who was also held at gunpoint. "'Please, they can't understand me, but tell them I have babies at home. Please, I have a family. Let me live!'"
The reality star also made an emotional appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2017, telling the host she felt the robbery happened for a reason. “I know this sounds crazy, but I know that was meant to happen to me,” she said, barely holding back tears. “It was probably no secret, you see it on the show me being flashy, but I was definitely materialistic before. Not that there’s anything bad about having things and working hard to get those things — and I’m really proud of everyone that’s around me that’s successful. But I’m so happy that my kids get this me. And that this is who is raising my kids. Because I just don’t care about that stuff anymore, I really don’t.”

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