How To Be The Shape of Water Fish Man For Halloween

Photo: Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock.
This Halloween, while the rest of the world is donning their Kardashian and Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande costumes, why not channel your inner aquatic bae and go as the Amphibian Man (aka Fish Man) from 2017's The Shape Of Water?
The Oscar-winning ode to inter-species romance and its lead character has all the makings of the perfect eye-grabbing costume and has inspired countless cosplay tutorials and at least one cheeky late night skit. The Fish Man (played by Doug Jones in the film) costume has something for everybody: It's aquamarine, kind of scary, and just close enough to a mermaid to excite the Disney fans in the house.
There are all kinds of ways to achieve the look, whether you're a professional artist with free time to dedicate to the costume, just looking for a quick last-minute get up, or trying to get that oceanic vibe.
Ahead, a guide to transforming into the Fish Man in time for Halloween.

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