What To Watch On Hulu If You Want A Good Scare

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Hulu has gotten into the horror business in a major way. In 2018, the streaming service launched its ambitious project, Into the Dark, a series consisting of feature-length episodes tied to major holidays. The show's first episode, "The Body," features a seasoned hit-man trying to stash a body in a graveyard on Halloween night. Into the Dark continued its horrors and plucked the dark strings lurking in Christmas, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, and more. The series continues with season 2, beginning with October's "Uncanny Annie." Get ready to repeat the horrific holiday cycle.
Beyond Into the Dark, Hulu offers a cache of horror movies and TV shows perfect for cuddling up with on cold October nights, when the sounds wafting through the window could be dead leaves rustling in the trees — or they could be ghosts stopping by to say hello. There's something for everyone, from relatively tame fun, like The Twilight Zone, to hallmarks of gore like The Purge, to arty movies like mother!
Queue these up and get ready for a perfect Halloween.

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