6 New Lipsticks That Make It Hip To Be Square

Before they gave us computer viruses and harvested our Facebook data for political campaigns, Internet quizzes were once our biggest guilty pleasure. There was nothing more satisfying than finding out which melancholy vegetable best suited your personality (onion), or if a Victorian ghost was haunting your house (probably).
But the quiz we took most seriously in Seventeen (or Cosmopolitan, depending on how conservative your parents were, which probably merits another survey), was always: Which lipstick shape are you? Smooth, rounded edges meant you never broke the rules; flat, concave ones showed you liked taking risks. And now, thanks to an influx of fall makeup launches, there's a totally new lipstick shape to consider: square (but don't judge it too fast)
If you like the new sharp-edged bullets from YSL, Shiseido, and other major brands, here's what it most likely says about you: You're efficient (the flat, angled tip makes it easy to use on-the-go), particular (the shape gives a super detailed, precise application), and a trend-follower (you'll find one in every Sephora this fall).
But we'll put aside the games and let you choose the right one for yourself, ahead.