Just How Bloody Is Netflix's New Teen Soap? Very

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Don't be fooled by their perfectly-pressed prep school uniforms: The rich teens populating the world of Netflix's soap Elite know how to get their hands dirty. And when I say "dirty," I mean "covered in the blood of what is probably one of their classmates."
It's true: Elite is shaping up to be the sexiest, darkest, and most twisted of Netflix's teen shows, and the just-released trailer proves it.
Similar to the police interview structure of Big Little Lies, the new trailer reveals that the students of an exclusive Spanish prep school are all being questioned in relation to a scandalous murder.
Who has secrets to hide? Just about everyone, it seems: The salacious hookups, dramatic fights, and bloody shoe prints tease at a dark "whodunnit" that should leave us guessing all season long.
"Are we really who other people perceive us to be," one character asks in the new teaser. It's not just secrets these teens are hiding, but who they really are, as well as what — and who — they really want. (In case you weren't: Expect lots of love triangles.)
It's more than just the elements of a juicy teen soap and a twisty murder mystery we have to look forward to here. Elite is also an examination of class. According to Netflix's official description, the series kicks off when three working class students enter into this teenage world of privilege thanks to newly-awarded scholarships. The results of their arrival are explosive — and deadly.
While Elite will likely draw comparisons to shows like The CW's Gossip Girl or even Riverdale, Netflix is adding more and more teen series to its slate of original programming — and keeping many of them around for more than one season. 13 Reasons Why is entering its third season on the streaming platform, and teen shows like On My Block and The End Of The F---ing World have received sophomore seasons. Though it's not exclusively a teen show, Netflix's uber-popular sci-fi series Stranger Things heavily features young adult drama.
Will Elite be as bingeable as the rest? We'll have to wait until October 5 to find out.
Check out the new trailer below:
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