Elite Is Gossip Girl, But With Murder

PHoto: Courtesy of Netflix..
The youths are behaving badly on Netflix's new, sexy teen drama.
On Tuesday, Netflix released a trailer for upcoming Spanish-language series Elite, about an exclusive school in Spain that may or may not remind you of the Upper East Side institution that Blair and Serena barely attended on The CW's quintessential teen series Gossip Girl. Alas, while the prep school uniforms in Elite are certainly steps of the Met approved, there's one thing that this new show has right off the bat that Gossip Girl had to mine through several seasons of story for: a dead body.
Yep, someone is dead in the pool in Elite's new trailer, which is basically an advertisement for brooding, great eyebrows, and velvet suit jackets.
Set at a party cooler than one I have ever attended, the teens of Elite blow smoke from e-cigs, writhe sexily against one another, and give each other looks that could either mean "let's make out in the butler's pantry," or "I will definitely be responsible for your murder later in the season." Though it's not explicitly shown, the end of the trailer shows someone dead in a pool, swimming in bisexual lighting and their own blood.
The official description from Netflix hints at what's possibly to come. It reads:
"When three working class kids enroll in the most exclusive school in Spain, the clash between the wealthy and the poor students leads to tragedy."
So who will be dead in the pool? Will it be the Hot Brooding Brunette Boy or will it be the Clearly Very Rich Girl With The Mean Face? Most importantly, which of these characters will be our Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and who will be the successor to Penn Badgley's Lonely Boy?
The new series drops on Netflix October 5, so place your bets now. Check out the new trailer below:
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