All Your Favorite Teen Shows, Ranked By Realness

Teens are kind of ruling television right now. No matter where you look, Netflix newbie 13 Reasons Why, CW murder mystery soap Riverdale, and Freeform's brand new grown-ish are dominating headlines and buzz. That make sense, since teenagers and tweens are watching less television than their adult counterparts. That means entertainment aimed at young people has to be so good, it can't be ignored.
Yet, all teen shows aren't created equal. Because adults are the ones creating, writing, and producing these projects, they're all a much older person's idea of how actual teenagers behave. This TV catch-22 leaves us with some series that prove their creative teams have never met someone under the age of 30 and some series that take us right back to high school.
That's why we've ranked all our favorite teen shows based on just how realistic they are, from the totally out of touch to the near-biographic. Scroll through the gallery to see where you favorite show ends up.
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