Who Was Murdered On Big Little Lies? All The Best Theories

Photo: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/HBO
Monterey, California: a town full of beautiful people with not-so-beautiful secrets. The pilot episode of HBO's new drama Big Little Lies introduced us to perhaps the ugliest secret to ever grace the coastal community. Someone in the town is dead, and someone else killed them.
While many mystery dramas have fans speculating as to who the murderer is amongst the characters, Big Little Lies does one better. The pilot episode only teases the murder investigation through interviews with those living in Monterey — interviews that, frankly, sound a lot more like the chirps of gossip. From the cutthroat mom who will do anything to keep her kid on top to the dad with a history of abuse, anyone could be a killer — and anyone could be killed.
With the victim as much of a mystery as the person who did them in, it's worth wondering just who will die before the season is out. Click through to check out the people we most suspect of leaving the season in a body bag.

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