Karlie Kloss Is Looking To Meghan Markle For Bridal Beauty Inspiration

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It's safe to say that Karlie Kloss' calendar is jam-packed. The supermodel is running marathons, expanding Kode With Klossy (her coding camps for girls), starring in campaigns for esteemed fashion and beauty brands, and —after getting engaged to longtime boyfriend Joshua Kushner recently — planning a wedding. And as if we're not exhausted just reading that to-do list, the 26-year-old says that's only the beginning of what she's got planned.
We caught up with Kloss on the set of her newest fragrance campaign for Carolina Herrera. The latest iteration of the brand's Good Girl scent, Good Girl Velvet Fatale ($122), launches on September 15. Ahead, she tells Refinery29 all about her career goals, her bridal beauty plans, and the evolution of the modeling industry.
R29: Carolina Herrera once called you "a good girl with a bad side," would you agree?
Karlie Kloss: "I'm definitely a good girl in many ways, maybe I'm just well-behaved, but I also have an edge and a fun side. I think we all do. It's more about being a woman in control, a woman who isn't being what the world wants her to be."
With 10 years in the modeling industry, how do you feel that the standards of beauty have changed?
"It has changed for the better, but we still have a long way to go. I think we see more diversity of body types, skin color, ethnicities, backgrounds, and ages. In our industry, it's no longer just one thing you see on the runway. It's more storytelling around people, not just what they look like, which I think is much more inspiring than just an image of a beautiful person."
Being that the industry is looking for stories to tell, not just a certain look, do you feel less pressure as a model?
"I feel like there was a shift at some point in my career where instead of trying to fit in with a certain size, shape, or person of what the industry wanted and expected of me, I came to a point of: I'm just going to be me and hope that I can be successful because I'm being me, not because I'm trying to be what I think other people want me to be."
Congrats on your engagement! Have you envisioned your beauty look for the big day yet?
"I'm still kind of enjoying the engagement bliss, but I'm definitely somebody who opts for 'less is more' when it comes to beauty. I love a strong lip or a strong eye, but I would want to keep it more natural. For hair, an updo is pretty logical. Get it out the way, so you can dance and have a good time."
Anyone or anything serving as inspiration for the look when you do plan?
"Meghan Markle. She looked gorgeous on her wedding day. I feel it's a day that you want to just feel happy, beautiful, and not stressed. I think what makes someone most beautiful, especially on their wedding day, is when that glow comes from the inside."
Once Fashion Month is over, do you have any plans to unwind?
"It feels like it's always Fashion Week somewhere. When I have some time off, especially after a lot of travel, I really take the time to unplug and just completely ignore my devices. I sleep in, read, eat nourishing and delicious food, and spend time with my loved ones. It's going into hibernation mode and really resetting. I think it's important to detach from [technology] every now and then to actually be present."
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