Don’t Judge This Fragrance — Or Spokesperson — By Its Looks

Courtesy of brand.
There are a few things that are synonymous with the words "Girl Power." High on the list: Spice Girls, Pantsuit Nation, and a damn good power heel. Each one, in its own individual way, has a hand in making many of us feel bold, feminine — even empowered. The latter, of course, is more of a symbol of femininity than a requirement, a message that remains at the heart of the new Carolina Herrera Good Girl campaign, for which world-renowned supermodel Karlie Kloss is the face. The brand decided to house its latest scent inside a sky-high stiletto bottle — which is designed after the classic House of Herrera shoe — on purpose. "I wanted an object of feminine power," says Carolina Herrera de Baez, creative director for the fragrance company. "All women, every single one of us, have this duality. We're not just one-note, or have one talent, or one personality. I wanted to use the shape of the bottle to represent and empower women." The actual perfume, which you can buy now at Macy's, includes a heady mix of traditionally feminine notes (think tuberose and jasmine) and ones that are deeper, more masculine (tonka, cocao beans). The blend is the perfect juxtaposition, and one that fit the aura of Kloss — whom Herrera calls, "the quintessential good girl, with a dark side" — quite swimmingly.
Courtesy of brand.
Yet, that is a label that Kloss feels she needs to defend. "You know what? I am a good girl," she says. "At least by definition; I try to be professional, I'm very hard-working, I try to be better every day. But at the same time, I like to have fun, live my life, have my girlfriends, and a sense of humor. I have a naughty side, too. And being a good girl doesn't make me boring." Speaking of girlfriends, part of this girl power movement is all about the women within it. The message, of course, is that you can be whomever — or whatever — you want, whether good, bad, or something in between. The key is to realize that we're all multifaceted and strong. And as Kloss can tell you (as one of the OG members of Taylor Swift's squad) — sharing that is one of the most empowering things of all.

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