This is The Biggest News Of The RHONY Reunion, Hands Down

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The Real Housewives Of New York reunion has been filled with a a litany of bombshells. There’s the precise cause of Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill’s tense holiday text message showdown. Tinsley Mortimer got into most uncomfortable portions of her on-again, off-again relationship with The Coupon King, Scott Kluth. Wednesday night’s reunion finale even got to the bottom of the infamous Cartagena, Colombia poop smear mystery (it actually belonged to Ramona Singer).
But none of those revelations actually qualify as the biggest news out of the lengthy, soul-baring three-part reunion special. Rather, that award goes to a singular historical achievement: Ramona Singer announcing she has “evolved” past her bizarre, unavoidable obsession and stubbornness over vacation room selection.
Yes, the Ramona Singer who left a bag of chicken in the best room of a Mexican villa last year to mark her territory. The same Ramona Singer who yelled “I’m peeing on my territory right now” to secure her hold on that bedroom… and incited a feud between Sonja Morgan and then-houseguest Tinsley. That Ramona Singer has let go of her desperate need to secure the supreme living quarters in any new space the New York women inhabit.
All it took was 10 years and an emotionally draining RHONY reunion. Unsurprisingly, the entire cast — honorary co-star and reunion host Andy Cohen included — was shocked to hear the news.
Towards the end of season special’s close, Andy brought up the infamous trip from hell. While everyone suffered from gastrointestinal issues at some point due to the vacation, and they all nearly died on a boat, one facet of the Colombian vacation was an unmitigated success. For once, that little slice of heaven was Ramona’s attitude during room selection.
During the first vacation episode of season 10, “Digging In,” Tinsley announced everyone was going to get a Tiffany’s initial necklace, and each housewife would sleep where their necklace was randomly placed. So, everyone gets expensive jewelry and it’s impossible to power-play the situation. Winner, winner, chicken-in-a-bag dinner. Even Ramona cheered over the impending gift. In a confessional interview, Ramona admitted, “Tinsley’s way of us picking our rooms is ingenious.” Later, she thanked Tinsley for such an “organized” process. That was the last we heard about room selection from Ramona for the entire trip — a revelation.
When Andy asked at the reunion what caused Ramona’s molecular level personality change, she offered up a few of the most mature, level-headed sentences she has ever put together in 10 years of reality TV. “I just evolved,” she admitted. “I think I used to think I was entitled to have the larger room with Sonja. Because we shared. I realized that’s not really the right way to be.”
Carole put it best when she yelled “What?!” and practically physically glitched over Ramona’s clarity. Dorinda and Andy also had perfect responses, with the former applauding, “This is a moment,” and the latter saying, “Ramona, you’re a big girl now.”
Although the official end of the Ramona vacation room selection nightmare is “Reunion Part 3’s” greatest takeaway, the episode also dropped another great detail about everyone’s favorite pinot grigio fan. While talking about the Boat Ride From Hell, Andy asked Ramona, who is still horrified by the near-death experience, if she secretly can’t swim. Although Ramona claimed she can “swim one length of the pool and then [she’ll] sink,” Sonja gave an even better response, simply saying, “The noodle. Remember the noodle?”
Longtime fans will remember Ramona’s reliance on a pool noodle during the 2015 Turks And Caicos trip, where she announced, “We’re going to take a little lap in the pool because we have our noodles!” All the while, she was aggressively smashing two green pool noodles together as Sonja cringed at the sound. Later during that trip, she took a night swim with the aid of two noodles. Even during the 2017 Mexico trip, the first thing Bethenny said upon reaching the cast’s shared villa was, “All your noodles are here, Ramona.”
Ramona not only loves a good noodle, she needs one.
The knock down, drag out, pull-out-a-bunch-of-papers feud between Bethenny and Carole may have dominated the Real Housewives Of New York season 10 reunion. But, Ramona’s many vacation quirks were the true winner of the special.
Would we want it any other way?
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