The Horror Movie Halloween Costumes That Will Terrify Your Friends

Photo: Courtesy of A24 Films
As much as we all love the delightful camp that is Hocus Pocus, it's horror movies and Halloween that really go hand-in-hand. There's even an entire slasher franchise named after the very holiday. If there's one day to embrace your spookier side, it's October 31.
Yet, in a world where popular Halloween costumes tend to reflect the pop culture moment du jour (like you don't know a couple who is already planning on a Justin and Hailey Bieber costume this year) it's easy to forget that some of the best costumes come from scary movies themselves. Sure, you could dress up as Wonder Woman, or Nicki Minaj, or even Stormi Webster, but would that really be in the spirit of such a spooky holiday?
No. It would not.
Fortunately, there's an entire library of scary movies perfect for picking your next Halloween costume from. Whether you're a scream queen seeking a feminist icon to channel, or someone who would rather play a monster themself, the horror genre has a costume for everyone. Which selection will you make? Click through to weigh your options.

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