Treat Yourself To These Netflix Reality TV Shows

When you think about the reality TV shows readily available on Netflix, shows like The Circle and Love Is Blind probably take up a lot of space in your imagination. In fact, given all the pop culture buzz around the shows and their casts of endearing contestants, you might think they're the only reality shows on Netflix. But you'd be gravely mistaken.
Netflix is overflowing with reality TV shows to satisfy all kinds of cravings, from people who have seen the entire back catalog of House Hunters to people who wished their lives were a lot more like Laguna Beach. Lurking behind the algorithm are hours and hours' worth of easy watching. Don't call 'em guilty pleasures, because there's no shame in spending an hour watching strangers socialize or watching people show off their ridiculously fancy homes.
These are the reality TV shows we retreat to when we need a pick-me-up, or a wind-me-down.

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