Here's Where All The Monsters Of Netflix's Ozark Stand After The Season 2 Finale

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Ozark season 2 finale, “The Gold Coast.”
Some shows are about characters. Some shows are about twists. Some shows are about brutal, violent, often deadly machinations. Netflix’s blue-hued crime thriller Ozark is undoubtedly a member of the third group. Just look at season 2’s finale, “The Gold Coast.”
The closer includes multiple murders, multiple double crosses, a casino opening, passive-aggressive whispering, shady baby trading, and a fiery explosion. There is a lot going on in the world of Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman), a financial consultant, supposed community pillar, and definite secret cartel money launderer, and his wife Wendy Byrde (a dazzling Laura Linney), the true steely will behind the operation. And it all unravels with little explanation.
That's where we come in. We’re here to explain exactly what all the scheming and killing in the Ozark finale actually means for all the many monsters of the streaming series. Keep reading for the answers, complete with the power rankings of the entire cast of violent characters.
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#1: Wendy Byrde

Wendy’s husband may be the reason the Byrdes are caught up in both Mexican cartel drama and Ozarkian heroin drama, but Mrs. Bryde has quickly evolved into the true queenpin of the family operation. For proof of this fact, just take a good hard look at “Gold Coast.” While Marty’s entire scheme to flee the Ozarks for Australia is foiled — by Wendy no less — his wife’s prowess as a criminal mastermind shines.

She’s the one who tells Helen Pierce (Jessica Jones mom Janet McTeer), the cartel’s Chicago-based representative, about their “problem.” “Problem” is a fun euphemism for the fact that Cade Langmore (Trevor Long), a threat to the business, is still alive. While Helen cautions Wendy that naming Cade, and therefore essentially signing his death warrant, will change her down to her atoms, Wendy still goes along with the move. By the end of the episode, a hitman has murdered Cade (it is integral to point out that hitman is not the same person who blows up Marty’s office… more on that soon).

As “Gold Coast” closes, Helen and Wendy share conspiratorial glances and head nods, suggesting Wendy’s profile is rising in the criminal ranks. She is officially Someone To Trust. She cements that status by telling Marty she has already fully shot down his escape plan without his knowledge and criticizes his “emotional” desire to run. “I didn’t have time to argue,” Wendy explains, ending the conversation.

Meet the new head of the family.
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#2: Ruth Langmore

Ruth (Julia Garner) also finalizes her standing as season 2’s other most ascendant character with the finale. A single conversation at the Byrde house (back when when Mary actually thought his wife would let their family flee) proves she knows the ins and outs of the Ozark money laundering business just as well as its mastermind, Mr. Bryde.

Plus, Ruth reveals she does have the chutzpah to possibly kill her own father, when she releases a warning shot after he attacks Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz), Marty and Wendy’s daughter.

Only, as the season closes, Ruth realizes she will never need to commit patricide as Cade is murdered on the way out of town. Ruth shares an uncomfortable goodbye with her dad. We’re left wondering if Cade’s death will free Ruth from her obligations to such a toxic entity in her life or turn her against Marty. After all, it’s very obvious the Byrdes were likely involved in Cade’s death. Ruth’s kiss-on-the-lips farewell certainly confirms she cares about her dad.

If there was one person Marty wouldn’t want for an enemy, it’s Ruth.
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#3: The Byrde Kids

At least Charlotte and her brother Jonah (Skylar Gaertner) have some power here. As Wendy points out to Marty over the Australia scheme, he was so desperate to keep Charlotte in the family, he was willing to make the dumb, possibly life-threatening decision to run. That is leverage.

However, in the final moments of “Gold Coast,” it seems like Charlotte, who spends much of the back-half of the season demanding emancipation, has realized she is stuck in her criminal family. She takes the family photo that closes out the season and wordlessly suggests she doesn’t actually want to run away with Wyatt (Charlie Tahan) to the college town of Colombia.

As Wendy tells her daughter in a final push for her to stay, “I wanted to live a different life. And I was so wrong.” Charlotte may finally agree.
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#4: Marty Byrde

Poor, poor Marty. He did so much work to make ensure the Lake Of The Ozarks Casino will work, therefore making the cartel he is extremely beholden to happy. He hopes that by pulling off this scheme, he’ll be able to run from the Ozarks with his family and create a new life for all the Byrdes. Since all the cartel wants is money, it shouldn’t really matter who’s giving it to them. Wendy essentially tells Marty that’s an adorable pipe dream and pats her husband on the head.

So, that is one unfortunate blow to Marty’s powers.

But, then he has to go and upset the Kansas City mob. Essentially, the Missouri Gaming Committee doesn’t want organized crime, or union politics, involved in casino. Because the mob was going to use union construction workers to get their own stake of the casino, as per a plan with Marty, this decision directly harms them. Marty agrees to cut Frank Cosgrove, a leader in the mob and the construction company in question, out of the deal. Frank realizes as much and first tries to intimidate Marty. Then, when that doesn’t work, as we see towards the end of “Gold Coast,” Frank blows up Marty's office.

That is what is going on in the finale scene where a henchman walks away from Marty’s office and into a car with Frank. This act of aggression is in no way related to the scene of an entirely different, separate henchman murdering Cade. In fact, both henchman have different allegiances. The office arsonist is clearly a member of the Kansas City mob; the highway shooter was dispatched by the cartel and Helen following Wendy’s tip.

So Marty ends the season with a wife who doesn’t exactly respect him, a war with the Kansas City mob (which he doesn't even realize has begun yet), and no office.
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#5: The Snell Family

Things aren’t going great for the heroin-pushing Snell family. Matriarch Darlene (Lisa Emery) went and murdered her husband Jacob (Peter Mullan) for trying to strike a deal with Marty. The Snells fully lost the land where Marty’s casino is. And, Darlene is trying to heal her emotional wounds with baby Zeke, whom she bullied Marty into handing over. But, Wendy already has designs to get the infant, whom the Byrdes were previously fostering, back.

As we’ve seen throughout Ozark season 2, Wendy Byrde always gets what she wants.
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#6: The Rest Of The Langmore Family

It is not a good time to be a Langmore. Yes, Ruth is only increasing her strength, but Cade is dead. His brothers (Marc Menchaca and Christopher James Baker) died last year. Wyatt just learned Ruth caused his father’s death, and the teen is now hallucinating visions of his dead dad. Poor Three (Carson Holmes) might still be hiding in the family trailer.

Plus, as the season wraps, hunters find the hidden car of FBI agent Roy Petty (Jason Butler Harner), whom the late Cade murdered. It’s unclear how this discovery will affect the family, since Cade is already dead, but we can assume it won’t be good.

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