Is Justin Bieber Trying To Be Funny Or Is This His Real Outfit?

Photo: Splash News..
Photo: Splash News..
Is Justin Bieber a prankster? Judging by the pictures of the singer that have gone viral overnight, the answer is a resounding, "Hell, YES!!!"
Stepping out for an evening at the Hillsong Church in L.A. with Hailey Baldwin Wednesday night, the newly-engaged couple then headed to dinner where Bieber had ample opportunity to show off a new lewk that has the internet buzzing about his outfit choice. Could this be a new fashion direction? Judging by how much Baldwin was laughing and how hard Bieber was hamming it up for the cameras, it could be a prank. It's probably a prank. I'm going to say it's a prank. (Please, let it be a prank.)
Photo: Hailey Baldwin/Instagram.
The joke probably went something like this: Bieber and Baldwin make dinner plans. Before they leave, he rummages through an '80s costume designer's closet and pulls out ankle-length slacks and a Hawaiian-print button down shirt, which he proceeds to tuck into the aforementioned pants. To polish off the look, Bieber unzips his fly, pops on a baseball cap over meticulously arranged hair, and opens a button — or two or three — to show off his gold chain.
The young couple have been living their best life since their engagement, riding bikes around New York City, stealing romantic moments in the park, and even shedding a tear or two in public.
With no wedding date set yet, the only thing we know about the impending nuptials — one of several to come after what will forever be known the celebrity summer of love — is that Baldwin's sister Alaia and cousin Ireland will be her bridesmaids, and that rapper and friend Post Malone is planning a "nice little fucking party" that will be a combination fishing trip and bachelor party for Bieber.
If this is how he dresses for dinner, his fishing waders will be out of this world.

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