An Astrologer Analyzes Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott's Whirlwind Romance

Photo: Jackson Lee/Getty Images.
If you somehow managed to miss the news of her upcoming cosmetics drop and her promotional Instagram posts, you might not know that Kylie Jenner's birthday is tomorrow, August 10. We've already celebrated the extent to which the youngest Kardashian/Jenner sister is a dyed in the wool Leo, so this year we're setting our astro sights on her relationship with rapper Travis Scott.
Much has already been made of their so-called whirlwind romance, and we can even glean some info from the lyrics off Scott's new album, but, in order to get the complete lowdown on this couple, we must consult the stars. So, we turned to astrologer Amy Tripp to perform a comprehensive synastry reading, in which Jenner and Scott's respective birth charts are laid on top of each other to see how their planetary placements compare. Turns out, "whirlwind" is the perfect word to describe this pair's love — but it's more complex than that.
The first thing that strikes Tripp is the angle between Scott’s sun sign and Jenner’s moon sign. These two celestial bodies are key to defining someone's personality (the sun determines our basic personality traits, while the moon rules our emotions). In turn, they both play major roles in our dating and love lives. In Jenner and Scott's case, Jenner's moon sign (Scorpio) opposes, or is six signs apart from, Scott's sun sign (Taurus).
"Sun-Moon aspects in synastry are powerful and are often considered a binding aspect," Tripp explains, adding that an opposition between a couple’s sun and moon signs suggests, appropriately, an opposites-attract type of pull between them. As magnetic as that may be (especially when the relationship is new), they will likely have to work to strike — and sustain — a happy balance between their differences.
Tripp also notes that Jenner and Scott both have a few planetary placements in fixed signs, which are known for their hard-headedness and tendency to get stuck in a rut. This suggests that any compromises will be hard-won. "There may be issues of stubbornness or inflexibility to work through," she says. On the flip side, all that fixed energy could manifest as a shared value of stability — and make compromise and balance come relatively easy to them. "Once committed, [people with fixed placements] tend to stay," Tripp explains. Which way it goes all depends on how Jenner and Scott express their fixed placements, which, unfortunately, we cannot tell just by looking at their charts.
If we look even closer, things only get more complicated. There’s further proof of their instant chemistry and sexual attraction in the aspect between Scott's Mars and Jenner's Venus (two planets that help determine our love language and sex drive). But the difficult angle, known as a square, between their sun signs tells a different story. "They will challenge each other’s egos because their identities on core levels clash," Tripp says. If you've already seen GQ's video in which Scott accidentally makes it clear that he doesn't care a ton about Jenner's dogs, you know what Tripp means.
When looking to the future, Tripp notes that neither Jenner nor Scott have experienced their Saturn return yet (in which Saturn returns to where it was on the Wheel of the Zodiac when you were born). This planetary event usually occurs between the ages of 28 and 30 and is associated with overcoming long-term challenges, learning hard truths about yourself, and basically figuring out what kind of grownup you're going to be. In other words, you may come out the other side of your Saturn return viewing yourself in a totally different light — and that could naturally affect your relationships.
"There is longevity associated with this union, but there will also be times of instability and separation that will occur without much warning," Tripp says. Given their very public status, watching this play out might get dramatic, but it doesn't sound that different from any other relationship you start in your 20s. Stars — they're just like us.
Correction: An earlier version of this article used the incorrect year for Scott’s birth year. The article has been corrected throughout.