The Kardashians’ Zodiac Signs Are Eerily On Point

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Here at Refinery29, we don’t like forcing the signs of the Zodiac to fit any kind of preexisting mold. It goes without saying that not all Geminis are gossips and some Capricorns actually know how to relax. But, even if these stereotypes of the signs are by and large overblown, we can still learn a lot about a person from their astrological identity. Case in point: The Kardashian-Jenner sisters are dead ringers for their respective signs — and not in the ways you’d expect.
Stay with us here: Kourtney, Kim, and the rest of the gang have very big personalities. If there ever was a group of people whose signs you could probably guess, it’s them. And, even if you’re more of a Keeping Up With The Kardashians viewer than a stargazer, learning a little more about these sisters’ signs may add a whole new layer to your viewing experience.
Ahead, take a closer look at the signs of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters (and their matriarch, Kris Jenner, whose reputation as the "fourth Kardashian sister" has secured her a place on our list, too). You just might discover a new signmate.
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Designed by Mallory Heyer
Kris Jenner

Birthday: November 5, 1955

Sign: Scorpio

Why she’s a total Scorpio: One might read Kris Jenner’s publicity savvy as a sign that she loves the spotlight, but it’s actually quite the opposite. The matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is only so powerful as a master momager because, like any Scorpio worth their salt, she knows the value of a little mystery.

Her most Scorpio moment: As the New York Times reported in 2015, Jenner requires all of her guests to sign a non-disclosure agreement upon entering her home. This may sound extreme, but it speaks to Jenner’s need to protect her family’s privacy. They may film their lives around the clock, but with this Scorpio mother behind the wheel, this family’s darkest secrets are safe.

Her sign-defining quote: “I don’t have any cell service here, and it’s making me have a rash.”
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Kourtney Kardashian

Birthday: April 18, 1979

Sign: Aries

Why she’s a total Aries: Has the eldest Kardashian sister ever been known to keep her opinions to herself? True to her fiery sign, Kourtney rarely censors herself when she has a problem with one of her sisters — whether she’s calling Khloé out for her use of Teflon pans or denouncing contouring to Kim’s face.

Her most Aries moment: We’ll never forget the confrontation between Kourtney and Kim when Kourtney refused to allow Kim’s game developers to use her likeness. The older sister held her ground like only a hard-headed Ram could, stubbornly insisting that she simply couldn’t be bothered to join the game.

Her sign-defining quote: “Do you know what your issue is? No, I’m going to tell you what your issue is.”
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Kim Kardashian West

Birthday: October 21, 1980

Sign: Libra

Why she’s a total Libra: Social butterfly, multitasker, charmer — you’d never know if we were describing the Libra personality type or just Kim. Ever the diplomat, Kardashian happily shares the spotlight with her entire family and often plays the role of the mediator when conflicts crop up. Her sign isn’t represented by the scales of justice for nothing.

Her most Libra moment: Kardashian is much more than her crying face, but we must admit that her spontaneous sobbing perfectly reflects the dramatic streak that so many Libras have. And it’s yet another sign of her Libran identity that, once Kardashian realized how funny people found her crying face, she officially made it part of her brand.

Her sign-defining quote: “You have to figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are, and you have to meet in the middle.”
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Khloé Kardashian

Birthday: June 27, 1984

Sign: Cancer

Why she’s a total Cancer: Ruled by the moon and represented by the Crab, Cancers are deeply empathetic — yet guarded — people. As any loyal KUWTK viewer knows, Khloé is always the first person to offer advice but swiftly deflects any questions that probe too deeply into her own personal life. Easily the heart and soul of this family, Koko likes to oversee (and filter) any emotional issues.

Her most Cancer moment: We could name all the times that she defended Rob or confronted Scott about his treatment of Kourtney, but Kardashian truly revealed her Cancer identity when she attempted to contact her late father, Robert Kardashian, with the help of medium Tyler Henry. In a Cancer’s mind, the strongest bonds are familial — and not even death can break them.

Her sign-defining quote: “It just sucks when you’ve given so much, and you realize it still wasn’t good enough for someone.”
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Kendall Jenner

Birthday: November 3, 1995

Sign: Scorpio

Why she’s a total Scorpio: Like her signmate and mother, Kendall enjoys her privacy, but she truly shows her stinger with her choice of career. As a model, the eldest Jenner has chosen a lifestyle that provides her with the alone time she craves but ensures she maintains a platform similar to that of her sisters.

Her most Scorpio moment: Jenner did not take kindly to her father, Caitlyn Jenner, publicly announcing that she was attending the Victoria’s Secret fashion show to watch Jenner walk. In fact, she disinvited her dad, fearing a “media frenzy” and accusations of nepotism if she were to attend.

Her sign-defining quote: “I don’t want to talk to people.”
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Kylie Jenner

Birthday: August 10, 1997

Sign: Leo

Why she’s a total Leo: In a family of big personalities, it’s easy to assume that youngest-born is destined to be a wallflower — not so for Kylie, a dead ringer for her larger-than-life sign. Entrepreneurial and ambitious, she will not be ignored. Rather, from running her own business to starring in her own spinoff show, Jenner is making sure we hear her roar.

Her most Leo moment: Jenner took an unapologetic stand for honesty and self-love when she posted about the scar on her leg back in 2015, declaring, “I love my scar.” It’s in any Leo’s nature to be up front about who they are, and Jenner has more than earned her Lioness status, as she hasn’t shied away from flaunting her scar since.

Her sign-defining quote: “I’m sorry to disappoint, but Kendall and I will not grow up to be let downs.”

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