5 Major Misconceptions About Capricorns, Busted

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Upon first glance, Capricorns have a very strong, if not blunt, personal brand. Their symbol is a mountain goat, their ruling planet is Saturn, and their representative element is Earth. In turn, they are often considered stubborn, overachieving, unforgiving, and overly consistent (read: boring). But don't let these stereotypes create a caricature of Capsthere's much more beyond their cold, hardened exterior. Since we are at the height of Capricorn season, which reigns from December 22 to January 19, we deiced to take a closer look at the major misconceptions around this oft misunderstood sign. Capricorns are total workaholics.
Caps have come to be seen as authority figures within the Zodiac, and, let's face it, they can tend to be taskmasters at times. This is because Caps crave tangible evidence of their progress and eventual success. They take immense comfort in being able to point to the number of hours they logged or projects they completed. The important thing to keep in mind is that Caps do have an "off" button that non-Goats might not notice. Sure, they might not be the goofiest sign in all of astrology, but anyone who knows a Capricorn knows they have a bone-dry, even caustic, sense of humor. They might not smile much, but this sign isn't as serious as their "work mode" may make them appear. Capricorns hate change.
Caps are usually classified as conservative, traditionalists of the "Old Man Yells At Cloud" variety, but this is a broad stroke assessment of a far more nuanced aspect of their personality. Goats are keenly aware of history. They might not spend their free time poring over tomes on the Crusades, but, as a relatively cautious sign, Capricorns like to know what's come before them. Knowing the roads well traveled is one way to protect against unexpected problems, after all. If you happen to know a Cap who lives and dies by their routine, it's because it's worked for them in the past — all it might take for them to change is knowing (and trusting) another approach.
Capricorns are perfectionists.
This one is actually kind of true, thought not in the way you'd expect. It's fair to say that Caps have high standards, but they're far more likely to hold themselves to those expectations than others. Where they'll cut their friends some slack, there is no slack to be had if they aren't happy with their own performance. Sadly, Caps' tendency for self-examination can hinder their feelings of satisfaction — and their responsible-to-a-fault attitude doesn't help matters. Luckily, they value practicality above most things, which is why you won't see many Capricorns being consumed by their perfectionism. More often than not, their self-awareness will chime in when they start getting absorbed by a project.
Capricorns are cold and repressed.
It's true that you probably won't get any Pisces-esque empathy from your Cap friends, but that doesn't mean their hearts are completely shrunken and useless. Goats can be great listeners, and if you ask for their advice, you can believe it will be a meticulous set of actionable steps. YouTube astrologer Aries Moon Girl actually noted that Capricorns make great parents and partners, thanks to their ability to take an objective look at problems. They can be that shoulder to cry on and the refreshing perspective change you need. Capricorns are materialistic control-freaks.
Here's a little secret about our dear Goats, courtesy of the Astrotwins: More than anything, Capricorns want their fundamental needs to be taken care of. In fact, if they could wish those away and not have to worry about them, they would. It's only due to this fixation on security that Capricorns come off as, well, pretty darn controlling. Their perceived materialism goes hand in hand with that desire to stay on top of things — if we were in a fable, Caps would be the ant who spends all fall stockpiling food and nesting for the winter. Although they aren't allergic to change, most Goats don't love surprises. So, if you notice your Capricorn friend seems to have an infinite number of plates spinning at one time, it might not hurt to remind them they're doing enough.

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