3 Australian Women Spill Their Best-Kept Beauty Secrets

French women hold a lot of useful beauty secrets — diluting your shampoo, ditching your traditional cleanser for micellar water, a red lip is confidence in a tube — but they don't hold them all. That credit is shared by women from all over the world, not just the cobblestone streets of Paris or the shores of Cannes. In fact, our latest go-to locale for post-summer must-haves come by way of a country (and continent) just about 10,000 miles from the City of Lights: Australia.
Australian women know a thing or two about how to avoid UV damage, which is only natural when the sun is shining nearly 12 months a year; they're big proponents of faux tans and possess an unrivaled knowledge of sunscreens. That's not all, of course, so we tapped three Aussie natives for their top beauty picks to get us through the rest of summer and early fall. Now we know exactly what to buy before the season officially burns out — like that ever-growing hole in the ozone layer just south in Antarctica...

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