6 CrossFit Games Athletes To Follow — Even If You Don't Care About CrossFit

Photo: Robert Cianflone/Getty Images.
This week is the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games, the annual competition that invites the "world's fittest" men, women, and teens to test their strength and endurance in a series of surprise challenges and obstacles. The workouts include having to bike, perform lifts, row, finish obstacle courses, and complete a certain number of reps of exercises — but the catch is that the athletes don't know what they're in for until the day of. In the end, the athlete who scores the most points gets crowned the winner. It's like the Olympics of CrossFit, only the Olympians don't know what they have to do until they arrive.
If a gathering of the most intense CrossFit buffs in the world sounds, uh, miserable to you, that's somewhat understandable given the extreme reputation that CrossFit carries. But watching real people execute superhuman tasks is downright inspiring, whether or not you agree with the CrossFit ethos.
Ahead are some of the women you should keep an eye on this week during the Games, and follow on Instagram for some serious workout motivation.

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