Travis Scott Reveals Kylie Jenner's Favorite Ice Cream, Pizza Order & Bedtime Snack

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Despite her extreme level of fame, Kylie Jenner has managed to keep her blossoming relationship with rapper Travis Scott pretty private, even through her pregnancy and the birth of their daughter Stormi. Today, however, their first interview as a couple was published by GQ, and in it, the pair revealed some of the most intimate details of their relationship. Yes, they talked about their most recent fight and big romantic gestures, but in our opinion, the most personal fact they disclosed was what they eat right before bed.
In a video accompanying the new GQ interview, the couple plays a fun round of "23 Questions" in which Jenner quizzes Scott on his knowledge of her and their relationship. One of the questions she asks is "What's you're favorite food that I cook for you?" Since this question is based around opinion and not fact, you'd think there couldn't be a wrong answer, however, the rapper responses "peanut butter and jelly."
Jenner actually seems surprised by his answer — perhaps because you don't cook peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or because we know Kylie really can cook — but then she says, "I am a master peanut butter and jelly maker." The two then go off on a shockingly long tangent about how to make the perfect PB&J, which they claim requires smooth peanut butter, grape jelly, white bread, no crust, and a diagonal cut. Travis Scott then says, "It's something I request personal. It's nice before night night," and the Lip Kit mogul confirms "I think we eat a PB&J every night before we go to bed."
In addition to this tidbit about what the couple eats together, Scott also revealed details about Kylie's own personal eating habits during the round of 23 Questions. When the 20-year-old asks her boyfriend if he knows what her favorite ice cream is, he proves he knows both her preferred flavor and brand. The answer, we were very interested to learn, is Häagen-Dazs vanilla. While that might seem like a fairly basic choice, let's not forget that Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream is also Ina Garten's ultimate guilty pleasure, and there's no denying she's got good taste. Perhaps it's the favorite treat of everyone who has their own cooking show.
Though her fave ice cream is as simple as it gets, Kylie's go-to pizza order is more intricate. According to Travis' 23 Questions answer, Kylie gets "pepperoni pizza with a little bit of oregano and salt and pepper" when she orders from ModPizza. Regardless of your opinions of Jenner and Scott's flavor and topping choices, pizza for dinner, ice cream for dessert, and PB&Js for a bedtime snack sounds like an all-around successful evening.
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