Ina Garten Just Revealed Her Favorite Rosé & It's Actually Pretty Affordable

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Ina Garten is a woman of impeccable taste. Everything about her, her frequent trips to Paris, her gorgeous home in The Hamptons, even her weekly shopping list, contribute to her aspirational brand. Cooking just like Ina on a regular basis can leave our wallets feeling a bit light, but she did just reveal one way we might be able to emulate her immaculate life this summer. And, of course, it involves rosé.
The Barefoot Contessa recently shared her grocery list with Bon Appétit, and it included a few relatable tidbits. For instance, one of Ina's guilty pleasures is vanilla Häagen-Dazs, a treat we can actually afford. After listing the dishes she and Jeffry usually enjoy on a typical weekend at home, the best-selling cookbook author finished off by declaring that just like all of us, she's starting to get excited about the warm weather ahead so that she can finally break out the rosé. Though we're usually reaching for the best bottles under $10 or even the $4 4-packs of canned rosé from Trader Joe's, we weren't at all surprised to learn that Garten has more expensive taste when it comes to the pink wine. Still, she listed her absolute favorite rosé, and it's actually pretty affordable. It is Sinskey Vineyard's Vin Gris, and it costs $30 a bottle.
According to Siskey Vineyard's website, the Vin Gris is beautifully fruity with some complex savory herbs. The flavors include peach, apricot, and strawberry, and it features notes of grapefruit and kaffir lime. The product description also reads, "it will pair nicely with everything you want to put in your mouth." So, yeah, something tells us we're going to love this wine.
After Ina introduced us to our new favorite wine, she finished up her grocery list piece with a nod to a food trend we've been obsessed with. She wrote, "I just learned what frosé is — maybe I'll make it for the first time this summer." Finally there's something we're already into that Ina Garten wants to try. We can't wait to try a frosé recipe straight from the Barefoot Contessa herself.

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