Lush's Beloved Insomnia-Curing Lotion Now Comes In Jumbo Size

TSA regulations make teensy travel-sized products a necessity, and our smallest clutches appreciate the portability of an Advil liquid gel-sized lipstick. But let's be real: Despite what we know about space-saving efficiency, there's something about a blown-up, jumbo-sized, seemingly never-ending jug of shampoo or face wash that gets our blood pumping, making it inexplicably better than the 3.4 fl oz signature size. Hey, we're living in a Super Sized America — we can't help it.
For all the loyal Lushies of the world, shower time's about to get a massive upgrade, because the brand has just launched humongous versions of 11 of its best-selling lotions, scrubs, shampoos, and masks. So, instead of having a little (still cute) black Lush tub sitting in your shower, you can now get an XL upgrade — which is basically the body-wash version of BDE. From the always sold-out Sleepy lavender body lotion that fans swear cures insomnia, to the mineral-rich Ocean Salt scrub that has more than 1,850 five-star reviews on the Lush site, there's likely a massive 14.9 oz tub with your favorite product's name on it.
All 11 of the big pots are available online now, and will be rolled out in select retail stores starting July 20th. Loyal to Lush's eco-friendly mission, the larger versions, like all the other sizes, can be recycled to help reduce the brand's manufacturing footprint. Simply bring five clean, empty pots (maybe those small ones you'll be trading in?) into your local Lush store, and they'll be sent to facilities in Toronto and Vancouver where they'll be ground into brand new pots — and you'll get a free face mask for your part in helping the planet. A big win all around.
Head over to the Lush site to grab your XL goodies for express order, or wait a few days until you can pick them up in store. Either way, you'll want to make some room on your bedside table for all that Sleepy you're about to stock up on...

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