How To Delete (Almost) Anything On Instagram, Including Your Account

Photographed by Nicolas Bloise.
In the social media realm, "delete" is a term that's almost as loaded as being cancelled. Whereas canceling someone or something tends to apply to more obtuse rejections and dismissals (for example, announcing you are "canceling 2018" or "canceling winter"), "delete" feels more powerful and actionable, since it applies to doing something within your realm of control.
Afterall, you can't really cancel 2018. You can, on the other hand, delete your Facebook account or almost anything on Instagram — from an outdated finsta to a DM or rude comment on a photo. We say almost anything because you can't really get rid of a photo someone else posts, unless it violates Instagram's Community Guidelines. Even then, that's not something you can delete on your own — you'll need to report it and hope Instagram's reviewers agree with your judgment call.
For the most part, though, Instagram gives you the power to put up and take down what you please. Ahead, a full guide to taking full control of your account, whether your want to delete your activity status in Direct, a photo from your profile, or your Insta existence completely. Now, if only cancelling 2018 was just as easy.

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