Back In 2007, Ivanka Trump Was Groped On Live TV By Comedian Andy Dick

Photo: HEIDI LEVINE/AFP/Getty Images.
Long before she was the first daughter and special adviser to the president, Ivanka Trump was often deployed as the face of the her family's business. That included joining her father, President Donald Trump, in his reality show and interviews. And when she was by herself doing press, she unfortunately sometimes had to fend off creepy men.
A newly resurfaced video of a 2007 interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live! shows comedian Andy Dick groping Ivanka. She was in her mid 20s at the time and Dick was in his 40s. During the interview, the comedian started rubbing Ivanka's legs while telling her: "You don’t play up the glitter on your legs?"
Ivanka looks shocked and uncomfortable, but tries to defuse the situation by laughing it off and slapping his hands away. She then covers her thighs.
Kimmel is also uncomfortable, trying to keep Dick in line. He tells the comedian: “Andy, don’t, please, don’t touch Ivanka.”
After some back and forth, Dick ended up being dragged off the set by a security member. At the time, Kimmel told Extra that Dick also tried to kiss Ivanka once she left the set.
The video has made rounds just days after it was reported Dick was recently charged with sexual battery because he allegedly groped a woman and made inappropriate comments to her this past spring. He was also fired from the film Raising Buchanan last fall after it surfaced that he had allegedly harassed people on set — including groping them, kissed without them without consent, and making unwanted advances.
The 52-year-old comedian addressed the 2007 incident on Instagram back in December, though he seemed to think the whole thing was still a joke. He wrote: "The time I 'groped' Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Her legs were sparkling, and I was trying to see if the glitter would wipe off. I also mistakenly thought she would date me."
Despite his longwinded post, he didn't apologize to Ivanka for his behavior.
We can't believe we have to repeat this in 2018, but just so we're clear: Don't touch other people without their consent, even if their legs are in fact glittery.
We reached out to Ivanka Trump for comment and will update the story if we hear back.

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