The 4th Of July Sales To Browse When It's Too Hot To Go Outside

If you scrolled through Instagram this past weekend, there's a chance you may have asked yourself, Why does everyone suddenly have a boat — and why am I not on one? Worse still, the same people from the boat pictures also seem to have access to private beaches, the best lobster rolls on the East Coast, and the kind of sun-kissed full-body glow you thought only existed on Victoria's Secret Angels. What gives?
If all that FOMO had you questioning your own plans for the 4th of July, then you're not alone. If celebrating our nation's freedom in style — and on a yacht — isn't in the cards for you, spending your day off huddled next to the A/C watching the rest of The Staircase is a perfectly good way to do this reality-TV country justice. But if you want to occupy the moments in between episodes with something else, we've got your answer: sales, sales, and more sales.
Lucky for you — and unlucky for your credit card — there are tons of beauty sales arriving this week in honor of Independence Day. We rounded up the best, ahead.

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