Did Pete Davidson Accidentally Reveal When He Met Ariana Grande's Parents?

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Pete Davidson recently posted a vague black and white photo on his Instagram with his now-fiancé Ariana Grande’s hand sporting a huge rock. Queer Eye’s style guy Tan France then commented on the sneakers Davidson was wearing in THAT photo. Long story short: we now know from trolling the comments section that Davidson and France are spending Father’s Day shopping. for what? Is it Davidson’s wedding suit? If so, were there cameras there to capture it? Are they buds now?
We love their friendship, which seems to have gotten its start on Saturday Night Live, but if it happens to be a wedding suit they’re shopping for, France will make sure to make Ariana’s man looks fly as hell. Back in March, France appeared in an SNL digital short with the comedian, where he advised Davidson on how to dress himself.
The video is funny and France genuinely seems to want to help Davidson, who, in the clip, expresses his desire to impress his girlfriend and her family.
“That’s what I need, cause she, like, has a cool family and they all dress nice, and I have like a fucking Super Mario Brothers T-shirt on,” he tells France.
We’re still trying to figure out who this girlfriend he’s shopping for is, though! Based on on the official timeline, it has to be Davidson’s ex, Cazzie David. But if the news that TMZ broke today, which says Davidson and David were on an indefinite break before their breakup in May, is true, then was David the girlfriend he meant? Davidson and David reportedly broke up on May 17, though she does not seem to care about the news of her ex-boyfriend’s quick engagement.
Our unofficial timeline indicates there’s a chance this was actually the first time Davidson was meeting Grande’s March. There have been many suspicions on how long Davidson and Ariana Grande have been dating, especially since they got engaged after supposedly dating for a month.
This story is definitely still unfolding!

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