Are Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra Dating? This Heart Emoji Clue Says Maybe

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Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, two ridiculously good-looking human beings, may be the newest celebrity couple we can pin all of our hopes and dreams onto. The pair made their first public appearance together at the Met Gala last year, as friends. But a few days ago, after a photo surfaced of Chopra cuddling with Jonas on a boat, fans have been eagerly awaiting confirmation that the two are dating. We’re still waiting on official word, but the newest clue comes in the form of an emoji — the true universal language of love.
Chopra posted a photo of herself with a few friends on her Instagram. In the image, they’re enjoying burgers at In-N-Out, a fast food chain with somewhat mythological status to us east coasters. Jonas, using his verified Instagram account, left a comment on Chopra’s photo. It reads simply, “That smile,” followed by a red heart emoji.
Let’s examine his comment. A heart emoji isn’t sent to just anyone, and it certainly isn’t a subtle message. And while we send heart emojis to our friends and loved ones with reckless abandon, it’s reserved only for friends and loved ones (and dog memes). The red heart emoji, in particular, is used almost exclusively to denote romantic love; it’s not the kind of emoji, for example, we’ll send to our roommate who just texted to tell us that they picked up more La Croix at the store. The red heart emoji is for when our significant does something adorable. Maybe like flashing a gorgeous grin over never-frozen hamburgers at a fast food establishment known for paying its workers a living wage?
Surely a star as big as Jonas would have a secret Finsta account, but he sent that public comment with his blue verified check mark in tow. He wants us to know that he is having love feelings for Chopra’s objectively stunning smile — and he’s fueling the rumor mill about their coupledom. Meanwhile, we’re still bummed that there is no In-N-Out in New York City. Not even a heart emoji could make up for that.

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